sexologist, sexology, sexological, Sexological Bodyworker, body work
sexologist, sexology, Sexological Bodyworker, bodywork, body work
sexologist, sexology, Sexological Bodyworker, bodywork, body work

The Sexological Bodyworker is a somatic, erotic educator, assisting individuals, couples and groups to deepen their experience of embodiment.

sexologist, sexology, sexological, bodywork, body work
Steve Kao, CMT CSB
San Franicsco, California

Steve Kao is a trained sexologist by The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and approved by the State of California. The first of such profession offers experiential learning opportunities that consciously access profound ecstatic and erotic states.

Steve's teaching involves a variety of instructive modalities, including breathwork, touch, pelvic release bodywork, video teaching, and masturbation coaching.

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3 levels of premium sessions by The Sexological Bodyworker

Individuals and couples seek sexological bodywork for many different reasons. For some people, sexological bodywork offers a safe place to explore erotic embodiment, sexual expression and performance without shame, fear or anxiety. For others, sexological bodywork is about deepening pleasure, connecting sexuality with spirituality, and journeying into an erotic trance. For others still, sexological bodywork is an opportunity to explore sexuality with regard to age, special needs and/or relationship transitions.

Level One: Bliss Exploration Personal and Health Intake, Grounding, Breath/Engery Balance Erotic Bodywork, Essentail Bliss. Mention the online coupon and SAVE!

Level Two: Expanding the Horizon, Health Intake, Anatomy and Physiology Review, Addressing Personal Preferences, Erotic Bodywork, Sybian Riding, Reflectory Afterglow. Schedule your appointment today!

Level Three: My Body, My Sexuality, Health Intake, Addressing Personal Preferences, Lover's Erotic Brain, Self Direction, Erotic Bodywork, Sybian Riding. Schedule your appointment today!

Sexual arousal may induce an altered state of consciousness that is available to anyone willing to explore it. But, as with meditation and shamanic journeying, the non-ordinary conscious state generated in sustained sexual arousal constitutes an opportunity one must learn to use.

Dr. John Ryan Haule

Sexological Bodyworker by Steve

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What is Sexological Bodywork?
Sexological Bodywork is a new profession of somatic sex education. A sexological bodyworker helps people deepen their experience of being in their bodies and expand their erotic potential through individual, partnered or group education.

How do you teach?
I use a variety of teaching modalities such as breath work, energy balancing, erotic bodywork etc., to help you feel more connected and aware of your body, enabling you to take advantage of the full emotional and erotic potential the body offers. My main model of teaching is to use experimental embodiment learning to help you learn new sexual states within the body, mind, and spirit, obtain new erotic enrichment skills and overcome unwanted burdens from social restrictions and past experiences.

I want to be a sexually happy woman but I am frustrated.
This happens to a lot of females. I understand the frustrating experience of "holding it over" night and day or having to "pretend" an orgasm to save somebody's ego. I ask you not to be afraid. The higher power gave you the ability of awesome female pleasure and rejuvenation but society has repressed it and practically shut it down. Negative sex information, social taboo, shame, guilt, etc., are placed upon us since birth and deeply affect our sexual function. I hold a sensual retreat for you to explore pleasure without any pressure to perform. When you explore orgasmic pleasure, you will also experience more love, connection, and sexual happiness. I have witnessed that many times.

Do we have mutual sexual contact during a session?
I will be focusing on your body, mind, and emotional wellbeing for learning erotic pleasure. Hence there will not be mutual sexual contact.

Why do you have several levels of sessions?
It takes time for the body and mind to adjust to new experiences and skills. A life time accumulation of social inhibitions, body and spiritual trauma, and fear will not just go away overnight. Each advanced level of sessions is built upon the previous level. This way you can reclaim your sexuality and gain true sexual well being. It is not like the work of a magical sexual healer but I help you regain the pleasure and rejuvenation ability that you are entitled to.

What about other forms of sexual pleasures?
I am a sex educator and an orgasm coach practicing holistic education. During the sessions I can also help you explore the pleasure of any safe and healthy activity such as tantra, tantric practice, Taoist Erotic Bodywork, female ejaculation, squirting, amrita, pelvic release, expanded orgasm, g-spot pleasure, fisting, goddess worship, sexual bliss, anal pleasure, etc. The scope of this education can cover topics such as sexual anatomy, lovemaking, relationship, healing, shame, LGBT friendly, lesbian, gay, sexual abuse, impotence, rebirthing, etc.

How do I book an appointment with you?
You can schedule a session through my online booking or I will take appointment through a brief phone consultation so I know what's you are looking for.

Online bookings: For your first visit, mention the online coupon and you will recieve $30.00 reimbursement.

The Sexological Bodyworker, Steve Kao travels throughout the San Francisco Bay Area:
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Sexological Bodyworker by Steve
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“Thanks Steve, for the couples sessions. It helped us to understand "how to" fulfill each others needs and it enriched our lovemaking!”

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